Life after substance abuse:
What are the next steps?

Quality rehabilitation programs are in higher demand than
ever. But aftercare support and relapse prevention is still a
challenge. Since you don't just send your graduates to their
local meeting once they're home, how can you help them
to maintain and grow their sobriety? Let us help.

There is life after day 30.

Northstar Guides partners with in- and out-patient recovery programs, to provide customized services for your graduates--and a revenue stream to your facility. The best part of sharing the challenge of aftercare with Northstar? We're not competing for inpatient, outpatient or therapy reimbursements. All we do is relapse prevention, monitoring and structured support for those who don't benefit from, or can't use, a 12-step model to meet their recovery needs. Sound like anyone you know?

Sober for good:
more than a slogan.

Monitoring, mentoring and managed accountability are the foundations for Northstar Guides' case management services. We've helped elected officials, attorneys, doctors, and leaders in the Junior League to create a brighter future free of substance abuse. What we do isn't right for everyone, but it may be right for some of your clients.

Let's explore where we can go together.

If you're ready to discuss the options Northstar Guides offers,
contact us to schedule a discovery meeting.