Welcome to the rest of your life.
What are your next steps?

If you're in the lucky 4% who can get & stay
clean and sober using only 'the 12 steps',
good for you! That may be all you need.
But for the other 96% of us, the science & practice
of addressing substance abuse is more complex.

The good news is, recovery has come a long way since
the old days. Northstar's experienced, trained guides
can assist as you grow into your future, finding and
using the tactics that work best for you to make the
most of who you are.

There is life after day 30.

Northstar Guides partners with in- and out-patient recovery programs to provide customized services for their graduates. We help lawyers and therapists help their clients with substance issues. All we do is monitoring and structured support for those who don't benefit from, or can't use, a 12-step model to meet their recovery needs. Sound like anyone you know?

Sober for good:
more than a slogan.

Monitoring, mentoring and managed accountability are the foundations for Northstar Guides services. We've helped elected officials, attorneys, doctors, and leaders in the Junior League to create a brighter future free of substance abuse. What we do isn't right for everyone, but it may be right for you.

Let's explore where we can go together.

If you're ready to discuss the options Northstar Guides offers,
contact us to schedule a discovery meeting.