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recovery support groups for licensed professionals

Problem: The 12-step model, of support from fellow substance abusers, lacks both confidentiality and accountability. In your licensed role as a professional, your community's anonymous group meeting isn't a fit.

Solution: Recovery support groups for professionals. Even if you're satisfied with the fellowship, and not required to report on your sobriety, wouldn't it be better to attend a confidential online meeting with others who share your specific challenges? Whether you're an attorney who handles trust accounts or a medical practitioner who handles prescription powers, the details of your 'triggers', 'stumbling blocks' and 'slips' are not intended for an open meeting.

Northstar Guides provides online meetings that are truly confidential, run by trained facilitators who can meet any reporting guidelines you may need to address. Ask your recovery mentor about transitioning to a group.

Sounds promising. What exactly...?

Recovery mentoring includes:

  • Support from a recovery mentor--not an insurance-billed intervention that goes into your medical and employment records
  • Individualized exercises and practices, matched to your triggers--not a set of cliches that 'work if you work [them]'
  • A timeline for your progress, with a short-term (12 week) process as a standard--not a lifetime of meetings to rehash your past use
  • Privacy for your problem and true confidentiality as you find your solutions to living a full, rich life--free from drinking AND talking about drinking
  • Real-time, live accountability for your progress, at home: SoberLink lets you demonstrate to the world and yourself that you really ARE avoiding alcohol. Ask your mentor about this monitoring device!

Am I ready to stop meeting and start living?

That is a very wise question. Just as you wouldn't walk into a gym and ask to learn safe, effective weight-lifting techniques with a broken arm, our guidance can help you once you've been safely tapered from physical dependence, or 'dried out', by medical experts if they think that is appropriate. So talk to your doctor if you're still drinking.

Let's explore where we can go together.

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